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A term used for an individual who has defaulted or gone bankrupt. It is also the number of shares traded over a period, as the total shares percentage in a portfolio or of an exchange is known as turnover. The strong investor sentiment drives prices higher in a secular bull market and weal sentiment causes selling pressure in a secular bear market. The fall back is seen as a reversal of the prevailing upward trend and a signal of slight pause in the upward momentum. This causes payments to go up or down accordingly. Swap assignment: A swap or a transaction where the role of a counter-party in an interest rate swap is substituted by a new counter-party whose credit is acceptable to the other original counter-party. The company that concentrates on only one line of business or the stock prices of a company that mutually relate to the fortunes of a specific investing strategy are known as pure play. Automated Clearing House - AC This is an electronic, automated, funds transfer system, and is ladder by the National Automated Clearing House Association.

(Logo: ) From 1 April, workers over the age of 25 will see the minimum hourly rate of pay rise by 50p to 7.20 - the largest increase since 2009. The change will impact over one million workers and could result in some earning an additional 900 a year, according to theDepartment for BusinessInnovation & Skills. On the other side of the coin,the Regulatory Policy Committee estimates therisewill cost companies 804.4 million in extra overheads. A government survey revealed that 59% of those impacted, "will feel more motivated at work as a result". While the workers themselves feel positive, findings from the Close Brothers Business Barometer suggestthat employers are less optimisticwith50%claiming theydo not foresee a measurable increase in productivity. When asked how they would offset the increase in staff costs,almost one in five (18%) werestillunsure.

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Index amortization note is a financial instrument whose payment schedule is determined by the prevailing interest rates. Also known as 'suicide pill', which is again an extreme version of 'poison pill'. When a lending bank issues a loan of large denominations, in a currency other than its national currency, it is said to be giving out Euro credit. An account of a local bank in a foreign bank, in a foreign currency is termed as a nostro account. Housing finance agency: A governmental organization either at the state or the national level, which is responsible for providing housing solutions. This is a measure of market sentiment and is calculated by multiplying the change in market index value with the aggregate trading volumes. Automated Clearing House - AC This is an electronic, automated, funds transfer system, and is ladder by the National Automated Clearing House Association. A sale, transfer or exchange of stock, qualifying for favourable tax treatment for the employee selling the stock that are obtained through a qualified stock option incentive plan, like the incentive stock option ISO plans and employee stock purchase plans esp is known as qualifying disposition. Cold calling is a technique used by brokers and agents to gain new business opportunities and clients by approaching potential clients randomly.